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Terms and Conditions

This document comprises the applicable terms and conditions governing the provision of goods and services by Standby Power Solutions Ltd (registered under company number: 07560123), situated at 6 North Street, Oundle, Peterborough, England, PE8 4AL, herein referred to as ‘we,’ ‘us,’ or ‘our.’ The terms ‘we,’ ‘us,’ or ‘our’ encompass not only Standby Power Solutions Ltd but also its employees, agents, and duly authorised representatives.

This document is organised as follows, with each part containing provisions applicable under specific circumstances:


General Terms: These terms are universally applicable to all contracts made with us, encompassing the supply of Equipment, Products, and/or Services. Additionally, one or more of the following parts may apply based on:

  • The method of contracting with us.
  • Whether the contracting party represents a business or acts as an individual consumer.
  • The nature of the transaction, whether it involves hiring Equipment, purchasing Products, and/or receiving Services from us.
  • We will assume that You [the customer] is an end user or intermediary supplier unless they say otherwise, in writing.


Hire of Equipment and Sale of Products: These terms apply to all customers, whether business or consumer, who place orders to hire Equipment or purchase Products, irrespective of the channel (online or in-store).


Design and Manufacture of Products and Equipment: These terms govern situations where we manufacture Products or Equipment for you, including to your specifications. Please note that design and manufacturing services are exclusively available to business customers.

Inspection Services: These terms apply when we provide inspection services to you concerning your plant and/or equipment. Inspection services are available exclusively to business customers.


Consumer Terms: These terms exclusively apply to consumers (non-business customers). If you are a consumer, pay particular attention to Part 3, as certain provisions outlined in other parts do not apply when you are acting as a consumer instead of a business customer.


Part 1: Terms Applicable to All Contracts


  1. Interpretation


1.1 In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:


– “Associated Company” refers to any group or subsidiary company of either party, as per Section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006.

– “Charges” denote our prevailing hire charges, inclusive of service charges during the Hire Period and/or charges for product sales or service provision.

– “Contract” signifies an agreement for the hire of Equipment, provision of Services, and/or sale of Products upon acceptance of your order by us, incorporating these terms.

– “Contract Confirmation Email” is an email sent to you confirming a formed Contract, applicable to online or telephone orders as per Part 6, Section 1.6.

– “Corporate Terms” are predetermined terms for equipment supply, service, and product purchase agreed upon and signed by both parties.

– “Data Protection Directive” refers to Directive 95/46/EC concerning the protection of personal data and its free movement.

– “Data Protection Laws” encompass the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), UK Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, and Data Protection Act 2018.

– “Deposit” indicates any advance payment required for cash hires, serving as security.

– “Equipment” comprises all specified equipment and accompanying accessories hired by you under a Contract.

– “Force Majeure” includes events beyond reasonable control such as natural disasters, war, or governmental actions.

– “General Data Protection Regulation” pertains to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on personal data protection.

– “Hire Period” is the duration from the commencement of equipment hire until its return to our possession or repossession.

– “Intellectual Property Rights” cover patents, copyrights, trademarks, and related rights.

– “Liability” denotes responsibility for damages, claims, and expenses.

– “Order” represents your confirmed order for Equipment, Products, and/or Services, acknowledged in-store or via Contract Confirmation Email.

– “Personal Data” aligns with the definitions in relevant data protection legislation.

– “Privacy Notice” refers to our privacy policy available on our website.

– “Products” indicate items sold by us to you.

– “Services” encompass services provided by us, either independently or in conjunction with Equipment hire.

– “Website” denotes our online platform.

– “you” refers to the entity hiring Equipment, purchasing Products, and/or Services.


1.2 References to sections and parts in these terms and conditions correspond to their respective sections and parts.


  1. Basis of Contract


2.1 These terms do not affect your legal rights as a consumer. Provisions restricting consumer rights hold no force.

2.2 Corporate Terms take precedence over these conditions if any inconsistency arises.

2.3 These conditions constitute the sole conditions of Contracts for Equipment, Products, and/or Services. Other terms are expressly excluded.

2.4 Our representatives cannot make unauthorised representations concerning Equipment, Products, and/or Services unless confirmed in writing.

2.5 We reserve the right to provide Equipment, Products, and/or Services similar to those ordered.

2.6 A Contract becomes binding upon our acknowledgment of your order, either verbally or in writing.

2.7 You are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions, consents, and licenses for the Equipment under relevant regulations.

2.8 Contracts and related matters shall be conducted in English.

2.9 These terms may be updated periodically by publishing revisions on our Website.


  1. Payment


3.1 Timely payment is essential under Contracts. Payment is deemed made upon receipt of full payment.

3.2 Failure to make full payment may result in interest charges and/or suspension of further Products and/or Services.

3.3 You shall pay all sums due without set-off or deduction.

3.4 Credit customers may have a reasonable credit limit set, with termination or suspension possible if limits are exceeded.

3.5 Charges are exclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise.


  1. Default


4.1 In the event of:


– Failure to make timely payments.

– Breach of Contract terms, not remedied within 14 days of notice.

– Persistent breaches of Contract.

– Provision of incomplete or misleading information.

– Unauthorised attempt to secure Equipment.

– Business cessation or bankruptcy.

– Circumstances indicating impending insolvency.

– Financial inadequacy (applies to credit customers).

– Other circumstances indicating impending default;


We reserve the right, without prejudice, to exercise rights as outlined below:

4.2 If any of the above occurs:


  • We may withhold or cease provision of Services and/or Products.
  • We may cancel, terminate, or suspend the Contract.
  • Acceleration of credit period and immediate payment of all sums due.


  1. Limitation of Liability


5.1 All implied warranties and conditions related to fitness, quality, or adequacy are excluded to the fullest extent permitted.

5.2 Our Liability for loss or damage to your property is limited to the retail cost of replacement.

5.3 No Liability exists if Charges remain unpaid.

5.4 No Liability exists if covered by insurance, with waiver of subrogation rights.

5.5 We bear no Liability for various losses, including economic losses, business interruption, or special damages.

5.6 Our total Liability under a Contract is limited.

5.7 Each limitation/exclusion applies separately.

5.8 Exceptions apply for personal injury or negligence.


  1. Confidentiality


6.1 Both parties agree to keep confidential information undisclosed, except as required by law or agreed upon.

6.2 Information is not confidential if in the public domain or lawfully obtained independently.


  1. Data Protection


7.1 We may use Personal Data obtained for Contract purposes, subject to Data Protection Laws.

7.2 Personal Data may be shared with third parties for Contract purposes or direct marketing.

7.3 We are a data controller for Personal Data provided.

7.4 Details regarding Data Protection and rights are outlined in our Privacy Notice.


  1. General


8.1 Certain provisions survive Contract termination.

8.2 You are liable for acts/omissions of your employees, agents, or subcontractors.

8.3 Compliance with relevant legislation is your responsibility.

8.4 You indemnify us against Liability arising from Contract breach.

8.5 Waiver of breach does not affect subsequent breaches.

8.6 Unenforceable provisions do not invalidate other provisions.

8.7 Force Majeure may affect Contract performance.

8.8 These terms replace prior agreements.

8.9 Third-party rights are excluded.

8.10 English law governs Contracts, with disputes subject to English courts.

8.11 Contract variations require written notice.

8.12 Compliance with anti-bribery laws is mandatory.

8.13 We are not obliged to employ your personnel under the Contract.


These terms form the basis of all Contracts and govern our business relationship.


Part 2: Hire of Equipment and Sale of Products


  1. Payment


1.1 The Order you place will outline the Deposit and Charges required, and these amounts will be determined based on the prevailing price list at the time.


1.2 You are obligated to settle the Charges from the date specified in the Order and throughout the agreed Hire Period. Charges are applicable until:

– We issue a collection or off-hire number.

– You return the Equipment to us or we collect it within a reasonable period, not exceeding 3 working days, following the off-hire number’s issuance.

– The Equipment is returned in a clean and serviceable condition, and you receive a receipt.

Please note that Charges are applicable for the entire Hire Period, including Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays, as specified.


1.3 If, for any reason, we are unable to collect the Equipment after issuing an off-hire number, Charges will continue to accrue according to the terms of the Contract until we successfully retrieve the Equipment, unless the failure is attributed to our own actions or negligence.


1.4 All Charges and any other sums due under this Contract must be settled in full and cleared funds by the end of the following month from the invoice date.


  1. Risk, Ownership, and Insurance


2.1 The risk associated with the Equipment and/or Products transfers to you immediately upon the Equipment leaving our physical possession or control.


2.2 Risk will revert to us only upon the Equipment being returned to our physical possession or control.


2.3 Ownership of the Equipment remains with us at all times. While you have the right to hire and use the Equipment in accordance with the Contract, you hold no ownership interest in it.


2.4 Ownership of any Products will remain with us until all outstanding payments due under the Contract or any other relevant agreement have been settled in full and cleared funds.


2.5 You are strictly prohibited from engaging in any activities that may affect the ownership or interest in the Equipment, including but not limited to selling, assigning, mortgaging, or disposing of it in any way.


  1. Delivery, Collection, and Services


3.1 You are responsible for collecting the Equipment from the agreed depot and returning it at the end of the Hire Period to the same or a designated depot. Should you request delivery or collection, standard delivery costs will apply.


3.2 Should our Services involve personnel provided by you, any damages resulting from their actions will be your sole responsibility, except in cases of negligence on the part of our personnel.


3.3 You are required to ensure adequate access to and from the relevant site, including providing necessary loading space, facilities, equipment, and utilities for our employees, subcontractors, or agents to perform the Services.


3.4 Additionally, you must provide a suitable access route for the delivery and collection of the Equipment, ensuring unrestricted entry and approach, as well as laying down appropriate temporary foundations or timbers for loading, unloading, and Equipment support.


3.5 Any costs associated with lifting or special apparatus required for Equipment siting will be your responsibility.


3.6 Failure to comply with your obligations under the Contract may result in additional standard charges being incurred for any delays, postponements, or cancellations, except in cases of Force Majeure.


3.7 In cases where an out-of-hours emergency service has been agreed upon in advance, additional charges will apply, as outlined in your Contract or on our website, for any Equipment or Services requiring attention outside normal working hours.


3.8 Hiring to individuals or small partnerships is restricted to a maximum period of 3 months, with Equipment required to be returned by the end of this period.


  1. Care of Equipment


  1. Care of Equipment (Continued)


4.1 You are required to:


4.1.1 Refrain from defacing, removing labels, or interfering with the Equipment or any of its components.


4.1.2 Exercise reasonable care in maintaining the Equipment, using it only for its intended purpose, and in accordance with provided operating and safety instructions, as well as any relevant laws or regulations.


4.1.3 Promptly notify us within two business days of any breakdown, loss, or damage to the Equipment, or any accidents resulting in death, injury, or property damage.


4.1.4 Take necessary measures to protect the Equipment from theft, damage, or other risks.


4.1.5 Notify us of any change in your address and provide details of the Equipment’s location upon request.


4.1.6 Allow us reasonable access to inspect the Equipment and its surroundings at all times.


4.1.7 Keep the Equipment within your possession and control at all times, refraining from removing it from the United Kingdom without our prior written consent.


4.1.8 Bear the responsibility and cost of any required testing, examinations, or checks related to the Equipment, unless otherwise agreed as part of our Services.


4.1.9 Ensure that actions or omissions do not invalidate any insurance policy related to the Equipment.


4.1.10 Cease using damaged Equipment immediately.


4.1.11 Ensure that the Equipment is supplied with the proper fuel, oil, or electricity, and that it is correctly installed by qualified personnel where necessary.


4.2 Upon returning the Equipment, it must be in good working order and condition, excepting fair wear and tear, and accompanied by all necessary licenses, registrations, and documentation.


4.3 You are responsible for verifying the Equipment’s calibration before each use, assuming all risk and liability for its suitability for your specific purposes.


  1. Breakdown


5.1 If Equipment breakdown occurs due to inherent faults or fair wear and tear, a portion of Charges may be discounted, provided you promptly report the issue.


5.2 You are liable for all expenses, losses, or damages resulting from Equipment breakdown due to negligence, misdirection, or misuse on your part.


5.3 Routine maintenance and repairs during the Hire Period will be carried out at our expense, excluding lubrication, which is your responsibility, and repairs due to fair wear and tear or inherent faults.


5.4 Any repairs necessary during the Hire Period, not covered by Section 5.3, will be at your expense.


5.5 Equipment must be returned for re-testing three months after the Hire Period begins.


5.6 Equipment repair attempts without our consent are prohibited.


  1. Loss or Damage to Hired Goods


6.1 You are liable for repair or cleaning costs to return damaged, unclean, or defective Equipment to a rentable condition.


6.2 Replacement costs (new for old basis) for lost, stolen, or irreparably damaged Equipment during the Hire Period are your responsibility.


6.3 You are responsible for the costs incurred in tracking or recovering any lost or stolen Equipment.


6.4 Charges for Equipment will continue until you notify us of Equipment loss, theft, or irreparable damage, after which a pre-estimated sum will be charged until replacement or recovery is completed.


6.5 Breach of Sections 4.1.5 or 4.1.7 allows us to treat the Equipment as lost, triggering the provisions outlined in this section.


  1. Liability


7.1 Defective Equipment or Products must be returned to us at your expense for inspection before liability can be determined. Our liability is limited to refunding, repairing, or replacing defective Products, provided certain conditions are met.


7.2 Our liability does not extend to defective Products if you continue using them after notifying us of the defect, or if the defect results from specified circumstances such as failure to follow instructions or abnormal working conditions.


7.3 Failure to pay Charges in full and on time absolves us of any liability.


7.4 We are not liable for any consequences arising from your continued use of defective Equipment or Products after the defect is known or should have been known to you.


  1. Termination by Notice


8.1 If the Hire Period is fixed, neither party can terminate the Contract before its expiration without written agreement.


8.2 If the Hire Period is indefinite, either party may terminate the Contract with agreed or reasonable notice.


8.3 Upon termination, you must return or make the Equipment available for collection at your expense.


8.4 In case of breach, we reserve the right to enter your premises to repossess Equipment.


8.5 Repossession of Equipment does not negate your obligation to pay outstanding amounts or damages.


  1. General


9.1 Each Equipment hire constitutes a separate contract.


9.2 Upon termination, certain provisions of the Contract remain in effect, including Sections 1, 6, 7, and 9.


  1. Skips


Additional terms and conditions apply to skip hire, including:


10.2 Definitions of “Additional Charges” in various scenarios.


10.3 Your responsibility to protect your property during skip placement and removal.


10.4 Prices quoted are based on waste disposal as specified in the Order.


10.5 Additional Charges apply if skip contents differ from the Order.


10.6 Waiting time for skip collection is limited; additional charges apply for delays.


10.7 Requirement for permits when placing skips on public property; your responsibility to obtain and maintain permits.


10.8 Burning rubbish in skips is prohibited.


10.9 Overloading skips will result in additional charges.


10.10 Ownership of skip contents transfers to us upon collection.


These detailed provisions outline the responsibilities and liabilities of both parties throughout the hire period and cover various scenarios such as breakdowns, loss, or damage to the equipment, and termination of the contract.

Part 3: Design and Manufacture of Equipment


  1. Interpretation


1.1 Within these specific conditions pertaining to the provision of design services by us (“Design Terms and Conditions”), the following terms shall have the specified meanings:

– “Bespoke Items” refers to Equipment or Products not part of our standard range, manufactured or procured by us based on your specific order, design, or specification.


  1. Bespoke Items


2.1 When design services are provided for Bespoke Items, you agree to the following:

– 2.1.1 You or your representatives are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and approvals for any designs or specifications provided to us for Bespoke Items.

– 2.1.2 We do not verify the accuracy of any designs or specifications provided by you.

– 2.1.3 We are not liable for errors in information provided by you or for advice based on such information.

– 2.1.4 Any advice from us must be confirmed in writing to be valid.

– 2.1.5 Design services are provided exclusively for your use.

– 2.1.6 Intellectual Property Rights for design services belong to us, and documents provided by us remain our property and may not be used or disclosed without our consent.


2.2 If Bespoke Items are manufactured to your specification, you indemnify us against any claims arising from their use, including claims of Intellectual Property Rights infringement or defects.


  1. Warranty for Bespoke Items


3.1 We warrant that for twelve (12) months after collection or delivery:

– 3.1.1 Bespoke Items conform to agreed specifications.

– 3.1.2 Bespoke Items are free from material defects.

– 3.1.3 Bespoke Items meet satisfactory quality standards.


3.2 If Bespoke Items do not meet warranty conditions and notice is given within the specified timeframe, we may repair, replace, or refund the defective item.


3.3 We are not liable for warranty breaches if:

– 3.3.1 You continue using the item after notifying us of defects.

– 3.3.2 Defects result from failure to follow instructions.

– 3.3.3 You alter or repair the item without our consent.

– 3.3.4 Defects result from fair wear and tear, damage, negligence, or abnormal conditions.

– 3.3.5 Changes are made to comply with regulatory standards.


3.4 Except as provided, we have no liability for warranty breaches.


3.5 These conditions apply to repaired or replacement Bespoke Items.


3.6 Upon termination, Sections 2, 3.2, and 3.3 remain in effect.


Part 4: Inspection Services Terms


  1. Interpretation


1.1 The terms outlined in this Part 4 pertain specifically to the provision of Inspections by us, as defined below. The following definitions apply within this section:

– “Charges” refers to our fees for conducting the Inspection, payable according to Section 3 of Part 1.

– “Engineer” denotes an engineer or approved subcontractor authorised by us to conduct the Inspection.

– “Equipment” includes any machinery or equipment requested by you for Examination.

– “Examination” signifies the inspection of Equipment.

– “Inspection” is the service provided by us, involving the performance of Examinations by an Engineer as agreed with you, and the issuance of a Report.

– “Mobile Equipment” encompasses Equipment subject to inspection at various locations.

– “Inspection Schedule” is a document listing all Equipment and their next inspection due dates.

– “Overdue Equipment” denotes Equipment overdue for statutory inspection:

(a) at the Contract’s commencement;

(b) upon adding such Equipment to the Inspection Schedule; or

(c) within four weeks of the dates specified in (a) and (b) above.

– “Report” refers to a report of an Examination meeting applicable statutory requirements.

– “Scope of Inspection” indicates the extent of Examination agreed upon, conforming to:

(a) any applicable statutory regulation(s) identified by you; or

(b) the scope instructed and agreed upon by you and us, as documented in the Examination report.

– “Written Scheme of Examination” holds the same meaning as defined in the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 or the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.


  1. Inspections


2.1 We will conduct Inspections with due care and skill during standard working hours (09:00 – 17:30) on working days.

2.2 Our inspection of Equipment:

2.2.1 Is limited to the agreed Scope of Inspection, excluding any items outside the Scope or Inspection Schedule.

2.2.2 Does not replace the responsibilities of Equipment designers or installers, nor does it substitute the requirement for Equipment maintenance or interim inspections.

2.2.3 Excludes examination of chimneys, masonry, brickwork, foundations, or supporting structures unless otherwise specified in the Contract.

2.3 You must inform us of the next Examination date(s) of Equipment in your Inspection Schedule unless agreed otherwise. Failure to do so may result in setting a due date at least 60 days from adding the Equipment to the Schedule.

2.4 For new customers with Overdue Equipment or existing customers adding Overdue Equipment, we’ll endeavor to agree on an inspection date. You must notify us of Overdue Equipment. Additional Charges apply for priority inspections, agreed upon before inspection.

2.5 By agreeing to the Inspection Schedule, you waive rights against us related to Overdue Equipment, indemnifying us against associated liabilities, costs, claims, or expenses.

2.6 You’re responsible for Equipment care, custody, and control.

2.7 Before each Examination, inform us of relevant matters, including Equipment misuse, incidents, or modifications.

2.8 You’re obligated to provide a safe working environment for our personnel. We may refuse inspections if safety risks are unacceptable, with no cost to us. Notify the Engineer of site-specific hazards and proposed risk control measures before Examination. Charges remain payable if we refuse due to hazards.


  1. Preparation for an Inspection


3.1 To facilitate Inspections:

3.1.1 Agree on Examination dates for each Equipment piece, providing details at least three working days before the scheduled date.

3.1.2 Ensure Mobile Equipment is accessible for Examination in a safe area; otherwise, additional charges may apply.

3.1.3 Prepare Equipment as agreed, provide safe access, support staff, and necessary documentation.

3.1.4 Reschedule Examination for Equipment not available on the agreed date, with additional charges for any extra visits.


  1. Charges


4.1 Pay estimated annual Charges at the Contract start and yearly thereafter, unless agreed otherwise.

4.2 Estimated Charges are based on the Equipment Schedule, with additional fees for extra site visits to suit operational needs.

4.3 Actual Charges adjust at Contract end based on Equipment Schedule changes, with interim adjustments for significant changes during the Contract period.

4.4 Charges exclude:

– Inspection on non-working days or beyond standard hours.

– Travel and accommodation costs for distant or offshore locations.

– Additional visits due to Equipment unavailability or internal examination needs.

– Delay time exceeding 15 minutes caused by factors beyond our control.

– Services not covered under the Inspection Schedule or requiring specialist involvement.

– Additional Engineer costs or non-standard protective equipment.

– Special tests, surveys, or examinations not included in standard services.


  1. Reports


5.1 Forward Examination reports to relevant authorities as required by law. Provide access to electronic Reports via a portal. Administration fees apply for paper copies or if Reports are not downloaded before Contract termination.

5.2 Reports reflect Examination findings based on pre-inspection information, not updated post-issue unless agreed.

5.3 Additional charges apply for Written Scheme amendments or requests for non-standard reports.


  1. Liability and Indemnity


6.1 We’re not liable for Equipment damage resulting from Examination tests or delays due to your actions or incomplete information.

6.2 Our Inspection doesn’t exempt your legal obligation for periodic Equipment examination. You indemnify us against claims arising from third-party actions, negligence, or failure to comply with Contract obligations.


  1. General


7.1 Upon Contract termination, certain provisions remain effective: Sections 2.5, 3.1.4, 4, 5.1, 5.3, and 6.



Part 5: Terms Applicable to Consumers Only


  1. Applicable Terms


1.1 If you’re purchasing goods or services as a consumer—meaning you’re an individual and not buying for business purposes—certain sections of the contract may not apply to you. These sections, subject to court determination, include:

– Section 2.4 of Part 1 (regarding employees’ representatives)

– Section 3.2 of Part 1 (pertaining to payment of interest on late payment)

– Section 3.3 of Part 1 (concerning the right of set-off)

– Section 5 of Part 1 (limitations of liability), excluding Section 13.10

– Section 8.4 of Part 1 (regarding indemnity)

– Section 8.10 of Part 1 (regarding jurisdiction)

– Section 3.6 of Part 2 (addressing payment for delayed performance due to your non-compliance)

– Section 4.3 of Part 2 (regarding Equipment suitability)

– Section 8.4 of Part 2 (pertaining to the right of entry and seizure of Equipment)

1.2 In case of any defects in the goods or services, not attributable to you, we commit to either replacing or repairing the affected items at no additional cost to you. However, this commitment is contingent upon the full payment of any outstanding charges.


1.3 According to the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, we are obligated to provide certain key information before the contract between you and us becomes legally binding. This information includes:

– Detailed specifications of the goods or services

– Our contact information, including our address and ways to reach us

– The total price of the goods or services, inclusive of taxes

– Payment and delivery terms

– Our complaint handling policy

– After-sales services offered

– Any commercial guarantees provided

– The duration of the contract and the process for terminating it


1.4 This legally mandated information forms an integral part of the contract and is considered to be included herein in its entirety.


1.5 Any changes to this key information post-contract formation can only be made with your explicit agreement.


1.6 Our liability, except for obligations that cannot be excluded by law (such as liability for death or personal injury), does not extend to:

– Losses that were not reasonably foreseeable at the time the contract was formed

– Business losses or losses incurred by non-consumers


  1. Nature of the Products


2.1 The Consumer Rights Act 2015 bestows upon you certain statutory rights. These rights guarantee that:

– The goods or services provided are of satisfactory quality

– They are fit for the purpose for which they were intended

– They correspond to the description, sample, or model provided

– They comply with your legal rights

– Services are provided with reasonable care and skill

– You pay a reasonable price for the goods or services


2.2 If, for any reason, we are unable to supply certain goods or services, we reserve the right to substitute them with alternative items or services of equal or superior quality and value. In such cases, we will make reasonable efforts to inform you of this substitution, although this may not always be feasible.


  1. Your Right to Cancel as a Consumer


3.1 The following provisions outline your rights to cancel orders as a consumer, applicable only to online or telephone transactions, and not to purchases made in-store.


3.2 You have the right to cancel:

– Equipment hire before the dispatch of the Confirmation Email and within 14 days of receiving the Confirmation Email

– Product purchases before delivery and within 14 days of receiving the last of the products


You can notify us of your decision to cancel your order in person at our store, by telephone, via our website, or by using the model cancellation form provided on our website.


If you decide to cancel your order, you must return the goods to us for a refund. If you cancel only part of an order comprising multiple items, please specify which items you are cancelling.


Please note that, if you have used or taken possession of the goods during the 14-day cancellation period, we may charge you on a pro-rated basis for the use of the goods.