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facilities backup generator


In the field of facilities management, backup power can ensure critical systems stay online.

Industrial backup generator


Logistics, installation, start-up and ongoing maintenance to maximise your uptime.

standby generator for agriculture


Agricultural backup generators have become a necessity to keep a farm running.

generators for utilities


Backup power generators for gas, water and electrical companies.

Generators for government


Generators to provide critical power for crucial public services and sensitive sites.

Standby generator for recycling


Generators that bring crucial power to recycling facilities.

backup generators for railways


We can supply generators and other ancillary equipment to rail projects.

Generators for construction


Bespoke generators purposely designed for use in the tough construction environment.

Generators for marine applications


We can supply bespoke generators to all offshore platforms.

About Standby Power Solutions

50 years of experience delivering critical backup power solutions for industry applications nationwide.

Standby Power Solutions supply generators to all applications, we are an ECA registered company specilaising in the supply, installation and maintenance ofbackup power systems. We ensure that the specification required is matched to the equipment supplied by carrying out a detailed site survey, this enables the most cost-effective method of supply, logistics and installation. The generator can include all ancillary equipment as part of an overall package. We endeavour to supply the most suitable brand to the application and budget.

Why is a backup generator so important?

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Standby Power Solutions Servicing van carrying out work on a diesel generator installation.
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Backup Power

Electricity is becoming ever more central to the everyday practices of businesses and households alike.

This increases our dependence on a reliable supply from the national grid. During times of high demand or in a bad weather situations the risk of sudden power outages is ever increasing. Without a dependable standby generator, these events can have a hugely detrimental impact on your business. Let us provide you with the backup power you need to power your business. We can assess your requirements and provide you with affordable generator solutions that fit your budget and power needs.

Generator Sales

You can rely on Standby Power Solutions to supply a new diesel generator you can depend on. Whether you require a single set or a complete turnkey solution, we have the ranges and technical capability to deliver it. Our bespoke generator sets can be designed to meet a wide variety of specifications for either prime power or standby power applications. Your generator size requirement is crucially important, so our sales engineers can advise you on which is the best sized standby or prime powered generator for your premises and mission critical operations. We will help you balance the cost of the system with being able to cater for future increases in your building load.

Maintaining Your Generator

Standby Power Solutions offer service contracts tailored to your business needs. Generators must be regularly maintained to ensure they provide quality power throughout their service life. We provide a national emergency call out service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year

Generator Support

Standby Power Solutions can also provide expert generator servicing and maintenance, for both planned preventative maintenance and a first time fix. Our engineers are available 24/7 for rapid response repairs, and they’re backed by a knowledgeable helpline that could solve your problems over the phone to get you back up and running fast

We Buy Used Generators

Whatever the size of your generator – 2kVA or up to 2500KVA – we can de-commission, remove and dispose of a redundant generator system in accordance with the latest environmental legislation. If your generator is in good condition it could hold some re-sale value. If you have a Diesel Generator that you are looking to sell or upgrade, Standby Power Solutions can help. We buy all diesel generators from across the UK from 2 kVA up to 2500 kVA. We can offer you the option to either sell your generator or part exchange for a new generator set

Generator Installs

The installation of a backup generator is the only way to guarantee emergency power for critical systems in the event of a power failure. Without the protection of such a system downtime can have serious impact on your business’ productivity, potentially resulting in lost revenues. Standby Power Solutions can spec a suitable generator tailored to your exact requirements. We can install bespoke automatic generator power protection systems nationwide

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