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Generators For Care Homes

Backup Power For Care Homes

At Standby Power Solutions we supply critical backup power generators for residential care homes nationwide. Our generator sales team offer the very best levels of customer service and support to all of our customers.

There are few scenarios which cause as many problems as a power outage and a reliable backup power generators for care homes is an ever more important requirement. These outages can occur at any time, without warning. A power outage forces your business to stop operating until the power returns. Downtime as a result of power outages can cost your business a significant amount of money. Monetary losses due to downtime can vary based on the industry sector, length of the power outage, time of day, and the number of people currently working.

Understanding the health and safety aspects that could affect your residential care home in the event of a power outage is an important first step in alleviating these potential risks.

Backup power sources are essential for many of today’s industries, including generators for care homes which rely ever increasingly on technology. Having a standby generator is a simple way to prevent unplanned downtime from power outages. It is crucial to correctly size any backup generator and this is something our skilled engineers can help you with over the phone or by email. With the help of an auto transfer switch a backup generator will automatically turn on when the power goes out to help your operations continue if a loss of power occurs.

You will need to regularly maintain and test a backup generator to ensure it can be relied upon to operate exactly as planned when you need it most. This can be achieved by regular planned servicing and loadbank testing.  As well as ensuring the generator is in sound operating condition, you need to also make surethat you have high-quality fuel to operate your generator in case of an emergency outage. Scheduling regular tank maintenance and fuel sampling can help confirm that your fuel is in optimum condition, free from bacteria and sludge and will be ready for any critical situation.

Start preparing your care home and provide yourselves with the reassurance and peace of mind a backup generator delivers.

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