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Generator Sales – Thetford

Generator Sales - Thetford

Standby Power Solutions offers diesel backup generator sales in Thetford, We sell directly to all commercial sectors including agricultural and industrial businesses. Our engineers provide expert industry knowledge and high levels of customer service ensuring that all of our customers receive the care and timely service they expect. The power generators we supply provide emergency electricity to commercial sites in the event of a power outage. Our generators provide automatic electricity if you experience a power cut, replacing your electrical needs in emergencies. This further allows you to operate as usual and saves you delay and loss of money.

We offer generator sales to the commercial businesses near Thetford, offering high quality and reliability. At Standby Power Solutions, we provide backup generators to help make business more efficient and prepared for power outages – which are becoming ever more common. We stock 2Kva to 2500Kva generators, this allows us to meet the needs of both small and large electricity requirements of a business. We’re your professional provider of generator sales in the area.

Start preparing your business today and provide yourselves with the reassurance and peace of mind a backup generator delivers.

Generator sales near Thetford

Our generators are available to the construction, commercial and industrial sectors. The generator sales we offer guarantee you the very best customer service and equipment. Standby Power has years of experience in the generator sales industry and can help businesses identify the most suitable generator for their application requirements.

Our professional generator sales staff help businesses to optimise their efficiency. We will carry out a complete site survey before recommending the most applicable generator for your specifications. The backup generators we sell are available as portable equipment or generator unit installations.

With a generator on your premises in the Thetford area, you can rest assured that you can automatically continue operations if you experience a power outage.

Being official dealers we buy all generator sets direct from the factory thus ensuring the best price is available to the end user. To speak to one of our sales team please call us on 01733 590004 or email us at sales@standbypowersolutions.co.uk

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Sell or part exchange your old generator?

Standby Power Solutions will buy any used generator sets and even offer a part exchange service for your old generator if you purchase a new generator from us.

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