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Generator Sales – Norwich

Generator Sales - Norwich

Standby Power Solutions provides generator sales in the Norwich area for commercial applications ranging from farms to haulage warehouses. With over 50 years of industry experience we guarantee the very best levels of customer service. Our backup electrical generators improve the efficiency of a business and they provide an immediate means of backup electricity in the event of a power outage. Automatic generators will replace your electricity in emergencies and allow you to continue operations normally.

We sell standby generators to commercial businesses in the Norwich area, offering a reliable and effective means of backup power. Our power generator units range from 2Kva up to 2500Kva. Standby Power Solutions is your professional provider of competitively priced backup generator sales for all industrial, agricultural and facilities businesses. As an AMPS member you can rely on us to supply you with the correct generator for your specification.

Backup generators for sale Norwich

We supply generators for commercial sectors in and near Norwich. We have experience in supplying diesel generators to farms, military and marine applications.

Understanding the monetary loss your business could face because of a power outage is an important first step in preparing your business to face the challenges that come from outages.

Backup power sources are essential for many of today’s industries which rely ever increasingly on technology. Having a backup generator is a simple way to prevent unplanned downtime from power outages. It is crucial to correctly size any backup generator and this is something our skilled engineers can help you with over the phone or by email.

Power outages are becoming ever more common so let Standby Power Solutions supply your business in Norwich with a standby generator set specified exactly to your requirements. The generator sets we supply are compliant with current environmental and noise regulations and contain the latest in generator technology ranging from phone synced control panels to automatic mains failure detection.

Being official dealers we buy all generator sets direct from the factory thus ensuring the best price is available to the end user. To speak to one of our sales team please call us on 01733 590004 or email us at sales@standbypowersolutions.co.uk

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Sell or part exchange your old generator?

Standby Power Solutions will buy any used generator sets and even offer a part exchange service for your old generator if you purchase a new generator from us.

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