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Generator Sales – Downham Market

Generator Sales - Downham Market

Standby Power Solutions provides power generator sales in and around Downham Market. We supply generators directly to all commercial sectors including industrial, agricultural and facilitates. Our engineers have a combined 50 years industry experience to ensure the best customer service, from your first enquiry through to choosing the right generator for your company.

There are few scenarios for businesses without a reliable critical backup power supply which cause as many problems as a power outage. These can occur at any time, without warning. A power outage forces your business to stop operating until the power returns. Downtime as a result of power outages can cost your business a significant amount of money. Monetary losses due to downtime can vary based on the industry sector, length of the power outage, time of day, and the number of people currently working.

Understanding the monetary loss your business could face because of a power outage is an important first step in preparing your business to face the challenges that come from outages.

Backup power sources are essential for many of today’s industries which rely ever increasingly on technology. Having a backup generator is a simple way to prevent unplanned downtime from power outages. It is crucial to correctly size any backup generator and this is something our skilled engineers can help you with over the phone or by email. With the help of an auto transfer switch a backup generator will automatically turn on when the power goes out to help your operations continue if a loss of power occurs.

We supply generators ranging from 2Kva up to 2500Kva throughout Downham Market. With Standby Power Solutions, you can expect nothing less than the best quality service, products and reliability to ensure that your business is in good hands.

Start preparing your business today and provide yourselves with the reassurance and peace of mind a backup generator delivers.

Backup Generators near Downham Market

We’re the main supplier of backup generators in and near Downham Market, helping business owners specify the most suitable generator for their application.

Generator sales is not just about selling a piece of equipment that serves a purpose. It is about offering a cost-effective solution that meets the Customers’ demands along with the necessary environmental health and safety issues. SPS match not just the generator unit but the power unit and controller to the application and budget.  The application is the deciding factor on what equipment to choose. We offer advice on financial methods for purchase which include direct sale or leasing. Part exchanges are accepted to enable upgrades. All new equipment is delivered directly from the manufacturer with vesting certificates if required. An extended warranty can be included for up to 10 years but conditions on hours running apply. Overall, we aim to offer a solution that fulfils each individual expectations and maintain a close working relationship that allows ongoing support and customer retention. We are committed to providing you with customer and technical support to ensure peace of mind and dependable service for your generator.

Being official dealers we buy all generator sets direct from the factory thus ensuring the best price is available to the end user. To speak to one of our sales team please call us on 01733 590004 or email us at sales@standbypowersolutions.co.uk

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Sell or part exchange your old generator?

Standby Power Solutions will buy any used generator sets and even offer a part exchange service for your old generator if you purchase a new generator from us.

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